Trip Photo Gallery

Welcome to an archive of WA club trip and social event photos.

Wilderness Adventurers of Ontario is a not-for-profit outdoor club run by volunteers. Most members are from the Greater Toronto Area and nearby communities.

Year: 2019
2019-04-07 16 Mile Creek Day Paddle (Oakville)
2019-03-24 Credit River Day Paddle (Mississauga)
2019-02-22 Bondi Village Snowshoeing and Skiing
2019-02-15 Winter Camping on Kukagami Lake
2019-02-14 Skiing Weekend, Bancroft
2019-02-09 McCrae Lake Quinzhee Winter Camping
 2019-02-08 Ottawa Winterlude Skating Weekend
2019-02-01 Torrance Barrens Winter Camping
2019-01-05 Algonquin Winter Camping, Mew Lake
Year: 2018
2018-11-10 Frontenac PP Slide Lake Loop Backpacking Trip
2018-10-27 McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip "Last Trip of the Year"
2018-09-19 Wolf Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2018-08-31 Palmer Rapids and Madawska River Canoeing
2018-08-24 McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2018-08-16 Algonquin P.P. (Kiosk - Mink - Little Cauchon)
2018-06-09 White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2018-05-25 Sea Kayaking - Cathcart Is, Georgian Bay
2018-05-19 Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip
2018-05-12 Elmira Rail Trail Day Cycle (Kissing Bridge Trailway)
2018-05-05 16 Mile Creek WW Day Paddle
2018-05-03 Hiking Weekend (Lion's Head)
2018-04-22 Lower Credit River WW Day Paddle
2018-02-23 Bondi Snowshoeing Weekend
2018-02-16 Killarney Winter Camping and Silver Peak Hike
2018-02-10 McCrae Lake Winter Camping
2018-02-08 Kukagami Lake X-Country Skiing
2018-01-26 Iroquois Peak (4840') Boundary Peak (4829') and Algonquin Peak (5114') - 22 km 4300' Elevation Gain
2018-01-22 Limberlost X-Country Skiing
Year: 2017
2017-10-28 McCrae Lake Flatwater - Last Trip of the Year - Canoe Trip
2017-09-20 Chiniguchi Flatwater Canoe Trip
2017-09-02 Palmer Rapids - Madawaska River WW Weekend
2017-08-26 Cox Lake, Kawartha Highlands Canoe and Fishing Trip
2017-08-05 Lower Madawaska River Whitewater Training Trip
2017-07-28 Tim River Flatwater Canoe Trip
2017-06-09 White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2017-05-20 Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip
2017-05-19 Killarney Canoe Trip - Bell Lake
2017-05-18 Hiking in White Mountains based in N. Conway Area
2017-05-14 Flatwater Canoe Training Session - Wilcox Lake
2017-04-22 Turtle Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2017-04-14 Minesing Swamp Day Paddle
2017-04-09 Lower Credit River (PineCliff Park to Erindale Park)
2017-04-02 Sixteen Mile Creek Whitewater Day Paddle
2017-03-10 Phelps Mountain Hike, Adirondacks, NY (4161', Ascent 2010')
2017-02-24 Bondi Village Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2017-02-18 Killarney Winter Camping
2017-02-04 McCrae Lake Winter Camping
Year: 2016
2016-10-22 McCrae Lake "Last Trip of the Year" Canoe Trip
2016-10-08 Herb and Gun Lakes Flatwater Canoe Trip
2016-09-21 Dunlop Lake Loop Flatwater Canoe Trip
2016-09-17 Maitland Trail Hike - Goderich to Auburn
2016-09-02 Palmer Rapids and Lower Madawaska R Whitewater Practice Weekend
2016-09-02 Algonquin PP - Barron Canyon Canoe Trip
2016-08-27 Jordan Harbour Day Paddle (Canoes and Kayaks)
2016-08-20 Fishog Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip in QE II Wildlands
2016-08-12 Sea Kayak Skills Weekend on Georgian Bay
2016-07-15 Massasauga PP - Wreck Is. Sea Kayak Trip
2016-07-09 Lower Madawaska River White Water Training Trip
 2016-07-08 Tim River Flatwater Canoe Trip
2016-07-01 Magnetawan River Whitewater Canoe Trip
2016-06-11 Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2016-06-04 Beaver River Day Paddle - Kimberley to Heathcote
2016-05-27 Lally Island Georgian Bay Sea Kayaking
2016-05-21 Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip
2016-05-20 Prequile PP Cycling Weekend
2016-05-15 Flatwater Skills and Spring BBQ at Kelso Conservation Area
2016-05-07 Opeongo and Upper Madawska Rivers Whitewater Paddles
2016-05-06 Algonquin - Canoe L to Burnt Is L to Tom Thomson L via Sunbeam L
2016-04-30 Minnesing Wetlands Day Paddle
2016-04-23 Turtle and Big Hungry Lakes
2016-04-17 16 Mile Creek Whitewater Day Paddle - Low Water Conditions
2016-03-27 16 Mile Creek Whitewater Day Paddle
2016-02-26 Bondi X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2016-02-20 McCrae Lake Winter Camping
2016-02-12 Backcountry Skiing - Sault Ste. Marie Area
2016-01-31 Wolf's Den X-Country Skiing
2016-01-29 Mt. Colden Hike, Adirondack High Peaks Area
Year: 2015
2015-10-24 McCrae Lake Fatwater Canoe Trip ("Last Trip of the Year")
2015-10-10 Nunikani Thanksgiving Flatwater Canoe Trip
2015-10-02 Algonquin - Rock Lake and Centennial Ridge Hike
2015-09-25 Rock Lake, Algonquin P.P. Canoe and Hiking Trip
2015-09-25 Big Hungry Lake Flatwaer Canoe Trip
2015-09-24 Algonquin - Barron Canyon
2015-09-18 Long Sault Parkway Cycling - MacLaren Campground
2015-09-17 Killarney P.P. - Blue Mountain Lodge
2015-08-21 Sea Kayaking Skills Weekend - Snug Harbour to Franklin Island
2015-08-12 Algonquin - North Tea-Manitou-Kiosk
2015-08-01 Lower Madawaska River White Water Training Trip
2015-06-19 Cycling - St. Marys Area
2015-06-12 Massasauga P.P. Flatwater Canoe Trip - Spider Lake
2015-06-06 Palmer Rapids White Water Weekend
2015-05-29 Sea Kayaking Trip - Dillon to Shawanaga Is
2015-05-24 Annual Spring Picnic and Skills Sessions
2015-05-16 Killarney Flatwarer Canoe Trip - Carlyle to David
2015-05-16 Killarney Flatwater Canoe Trip - George to OSA
2015-05-16 Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip
2015-05-02 Minesing Wetlands Day Paddle
2015-04-30 Hiking the Bruce Trail in Niagara Peninsula
2015-04-26 Short Hills Prov. Park Day Hike
2015-04-19 Credit River Day Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)
2015-04-12 Credit River Day Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)
2015-04-11 Second Annual Spring Tune-Up: Seminars and Slideshows
2015-02-27 Bondi - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2015-02-21 McCrae Lake Winter Camping
2015-02-01 Cross-Country Skiing, Algonquin Trails - Wolf's Den
2015-01-30 Giant Mountain Hike, Keene Valley NY
2015-01-29 Limberlost X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2015-01-15 Voyageur Quest Lodge and X-Country Skiing
Year: 2014
2014-10-25 McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2014-10-11 Flatwater Canoe Trip - St. Nora Lake, Leslie Frost
2014-09-27 Flatwater Canoe Trip to Spider Lake, Massasauga
2014-09-26 Flatwater Canoe Trip to Boleau Lake
2014-09-13 HarvestFest Corn Roast and BBQ
2014-08-30 Flatwater Canoe Trip to Noganosh
2014-08-22 Lake Galeairy Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip
2014-08-09 Sea Kayak Trip to Georgian Bay, Massasauga PP
2014-07-25 Warsaw Caves Camping and Cycling
2014-07-05 Sea Kayak Skills Review at Guelph Lake
2014-06-28 Burnt Island Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip
2014-06-14 Grand River Day Paddle - Cambridge to Paris
2014-06-07 Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmers Rapids, Madawaska R
2014-05-30 Sea Kayak Trip at the McCoys
2014-05-25 Flatwater Skills and Spring BBQ at Kelso Conservation Area
2014-05-10 Lower Credit River Whitewater Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)
2014-04-27 Beaver River (Grey County) Flatwater Paddle
2014-04-12 First Annual Spring Tune-Up: Seminars and Slideshows
2014-02-21 Bondi and Limberlost Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2014-02-08 McCrae Lake Winter Camping and Quinzhee Building
2014-01-31 Mt Colden, Adirondacks, NY Hike 4714 ft (1437 m)
2014-01-24 Limberlost X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2014-01-20 Wolf's Den / Algonquin Park X-Country Skiing
2014-01-17 Silent Lake Yurts X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2014-01-09 Voyageur Quest X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
Year: 2013
2013-12-07 Christmas Party
2013-10-18 Hiking in Frontenac Provincial Park
2013-10-12 St Nora Lake, Haliburton Highlands - Thanksgiving Weekend Canoe Trip
2013-10-11 Hiking in the Adrondacks NY
2013-09-28 Cycling from Frontenac House to Niagara Falls and Back
2013-09-26 Woodland Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2013-09-14 HarvestFest Corn Roast and BBQ
2013-09-07 Flatwater Canoe Trip - Clydegale, Algonquin PP
2013-08-29 Labour Day Weekend Flatwater Canoe Trip
2013-08-19 Flatwater Canoe Trip - North section of Killarney P.P.
2013-08-09 Algonquin Park - North Tea Lake
2013-07-13 Flatwater Canoe Trip - Temagami including Lady Evelyn and Florence L.
2013-07-13 Port Dover Cottage - Cycling to Long Point
2013-07-13 Gun Lake via Herb Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2013-06-29 Tour des Kawarthas Flatwater Canoe Trip
2013-06-29 North Tea Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2013-06-29 Lower Madawaska River - Aumonds Rapids to Griffith
2013-06-15 Sea Kayak Day Paddle at Toronto's Leslie Spit
2013-06-08 Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2013-05-24 Sea Kayaking - Dillon to Franklin Island
2013-05-18 Masassauga Flatwater Canoe Trip
2013-05-18 Crowe River WW Canoe Trip - Gut Conservation Area to Cordova Mines
2013-05-11 Spring Picnic at Kelso Conservation Area
2013-05-11 Flatwater Canoeing Training Session at Kelso
2013-05-09 Hiking the Bruce Trail on the Bruce Peninsula near Lion's Head
2013-04-14 Sixteen Mile Creek, Oakville - Lower Base Line to Dundas St.
2013-03-16 Lower Credit River WW Paddle - Streetsville to Erindale
2013-02-22 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village
2013-02-02 Quinzhee Building and Winter Camping - McCrae Lake
2013-01-25 Limberlost X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2013-01-18 Beginner Backcountry Winter Camping - Algonquin P.P.
2013-01-18 Cloverleaf Cottages and Algonquin Snowshoeing Weekend
2013-01-11 Algonquin Eco Lodge x-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2013-01-11 Lean-To Winter Camping and Mt Marcy Hike
Year: 2012
2012-12-08 Christmas Party Social
2012-10-27 McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2012-10-06 Thanksgiving Weekend Canoe Trip - Nunikani Lake
2012-09-21 Island Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2012-09-15 Fall HarvestFest Club Social
2012-09-08 Cycling in Niagara Area
2012-09-08 Algonguin P.P. Canoe Trip - Rock and Pen Lakes
2012-09-01 Noganosh Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2012-08-31 Lower French Water Canoe Trip
2012-08-18 Massasauga P.P. Flatwater Canoe Trip - Creswick Lake
2012-08-03 Chinguchi Flatwater Canoe Trip - Outer Loop
2012-07-21 Quetico Flatwater Canoe Trip
2012-07-14 Gun Lake, Haliburton Highlands (Leslie Frost)
2012-06-30 Whitewater Trip, Lower Madawaska River
2012-06-30 Big Porcupine Lake, Algonquin P.P.
2012-06-15 Cycling From Ferris Provincial Park
2012-06-09 Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2012-05-25 Sea Kayaking - Dillon to McCoy Islands
2012-05-19 Killarney Flatwater Canoe Trip and Silver Peak Hike
2012-05-19 Niagara-On-The-Lake to Niagara Falls Cycling Day Trip
2012-05-12 Spring Flatwater Canoe Session and Picnic at Kelso
2012-05-04 Bruce Peninsula Hiking Trip
2012-03-03 Backcountry Winter Camping, Sunday Lake, Algonquin P.P.
2012-02-24 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village
2012-02-03 X-Country Ski Weekend - Wakefield, Quebec
2012-01-27 Camping and Hiking - Algonquin Peak, Adirondacks, NY
2012-01-27 Limberlost Lodge X-Country Ski Weekend
2012-01-20 Beginner Backcountry Winter Camping - Algonquin P.P.
2012-01-20 Snowshoeing Weekend - Oxtongue Lake and Algonquin
2012-01-13 Smoothwater Wilderness Lodge, Temagami
Year: 2011
2011-10-29 McCrae Lake - "Last Trip of the Year"
2011-10-08 Haliburton Highlands Water Trails Flatwater Canoe Trip
2011-09-29 Flatwater Canoe Trip - Hogan Lake, Algonquin P.P.
2011-09-23 Island Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2011-09-17 Annual HarvestFest BBQ and Corn Roast
2011-09-09 Bayfield Cycling Trip
2011-09-03 Labour Day Weekend Canoe Trip at Noganosh Area
2011-08-12 Chiniguchi - Marjorie Lake Loop via Wolf Lake
2011-08-06 Temagami Flatwater Canoe Trip
2011-07-30 Whitewater Training Trip, Lower Madawaska River
2011-07-15 Camping at Presqu'ile P.P. and Cycling in Area
2011-07-09 Killarney P.P. - George Lake to North End and Back
2011-07-02 Nunikami Flatwater Canoe Trip
2011-07-01 Magnetawan River Whitewater Canoe Trip
2011-06-11 Whitewater Training at Palmer Rapids, Madawaska River
2011-06-04 Saugeen River Canoe Trip - Walkerton to Southampton
2011-05-27 Sea Kayaking to Franklin Is from Snug Harbour
2011-05-21 Sittingman Lake via Tim River, Algonquin P.P.
2011-02-26 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village
2011-02-11 Yurting and Cross Country Skiing at Silent Lake P.P.
2011-02-05 Winter Camping in a Quinzhee at McCrae Lake
2011-01-29 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing at Limberlost
2011-01-28 Camping and Hiking - Algonquin Peak, Adirondacks, NY
2011-01-22 Beginner Winter Camping at Mew Lake, Algonquin
Year: 2010
2010-10-23 McCrae Lake Canoe Trip ~Last Trip of the Year~
2010-10-09 Massasauga P.P.Flatwater Canoe Trip - Spider Lake
2010-10-01 Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip - Ragged Lake
2010-09-25 Haliburton Highlands - Big East Lake
2010-09-24 Algonquin Park - Burnt Island Lake
2010-09-11 Prince Edward County Cycling
2010-09-04 Noganosh Lake Labour Day Weekend Canoe Trip
2010-08-14 Algonquin Park - Nipissing Loop
2010-07-16 Lady Evelyn from Mowat Landing
2010-07-10 Killarney Loop from Bell Lake Access
2010-07-01 Massasauga P.P. - Spider Lake and Georgian Bay Sites
2010-07-01 WW Training Trip - Lower Madawaska River
2010-06-19 White Water Training at Palmer Rapids, Madawaska River
2010-06-05 Beaver River - Kimberley to Heathcote
2010-05-29 Franklin Island from Snug Harbour
2010-05-22 Petawawa River - Lake Travers to McManus Lake
2010-05-15 Flatwater Canoe Training Session and Picnic, Kelso
2010-05-07 Hiking Weekend - Limberlost / Buck Lake
2010-05-01 Lion's Head - Bruce Trail Hiking, Bruce Peninsula
2010-04-30 Cache to Head Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park
2010-04-24 Hiking Weekend in Haliburton
2010-03-27 Basic Wilderness First-Aid Course
2010-03-21 16 Mile Creek Day Paddle
2010-03-20 Credit River Day Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)
2010-03-06 McCrae Lake Winter Camping
2010-02-26 Bondi Village X-Country Skiing
2010-02-20 Beaver Valley Skiing and Snowshoeing
2010-02-19 Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft) Hike
2010-02-06 Quinzhee Building at McCrae Lake
2010-01-29 Winter Camping at Mew Lake, Algonquin Prov. Park
2010-01-22 X-Country Skiing and Yurting at Silent Lake P.P.
2010-01-15 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing at Kukagami Ski-In Lodge
Year: 2009
2009-10-24 McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2009-10-23 Beaver Valley and Bruce Trail Cottage-Based Hiking Trip
2009-10-03 Lower Madawaska Whitewater, Aumonds Rapids to Griffith
2009-09-25 Algonquin Park Flatwater Trip
2009-09-25 Scorch Lake, Algonquin Park Flatwater Trip
2009-09-04 Noganosh Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2009-08-15 Algonquin Park - Big Lakes Canoe Trip
2009-08-14 Barron Canyon in Algonquin P.P. Flatwater Canoe Trip
2009-07-31 Chiniguchi Waterway Flatwater Canoe Trip
2009-07-11 French River from French River Trading Post
2009-07-03 Killarney - Murray-Nellie-Grace (Hwy #6 Put-In)
2009-06-20 Day Paddle on the Grand River (Cambridge to Paris)
2009-06-13 White Water Training at Palmer Rapids, Madawaska River
2009-06-06 Humber River Paddle - Hwy #7 to Finch
2009-05-30 Sea Kayaking - Bayfield Inlet to Francis Island
2009-05-24 Flatwater Paddling Training and Picnic at Kelso
2009-05-16 Killarney Provincial Park Flatwater Paddle
2009-04-18 Upper Credit River Day Paddle
2009-04-10 Oakville (16 Mile) Creek Day Paddle
2009-04-05 Lower Credit River Day Paddle
2009-02-27 Bondi Village X-Country Ski Weekend
2009-02-14 Overnight Dog Sledding Weekend with ChocPaw
2009-02-06 Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft), Adirondacks, NY
2009-01-31 Winter Camping For Beginners at Algonquin (Mew Lake)
2009-01-24 MacGregor Point Provincial Park Winter Yurt Trip
2009-01-16 X-Country Skiing at Kukagami Lodge
Year: 2008
2008-10-11 Leslie Frost - Herb Lake to Gun Lake Canoe Trip
2008-09-26 Kingscote to Scorch Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2008-09-20 Lower Madawaska River White Water Canoe Trip
2008-08-30 Noganosh Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2008-08-22 Flatwater Canoe Trip to Cox Lake, Kawartha Highlands
2008-08-12 LaVerendrye, Quebec - Flatwater Canoeing
2008-08-02 Family Flatwater Canoe Trip - Leslie Frost Area
2008-08-01 Chiniguchi Waterway Flatwater Canoe Trip
2008-06-28 Magnetawan River - Wahwashkesh to Hwy 69
2008-06-14 Grand River - Cambridge to Paris
2008-06-07 White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2008-06-07 White Water Training Weekend - Sneak Preview
2008-05-30 Sea Kayaking, Bayfield Inlet, Georgian Bay
2008-05-17 Petewawa River, Algonquin Prov. Park - White Water Canoe Trip
2008-04-26 Canoeing the Opeongo and Upper Madawaska Rivers
2008-04-12 Lower Credit River - Streetsville to Dundas St
2008-04-05 16 Mile Creek Day Paddle, Oakville ON
2008-03-28 Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft), Adirondacks, NY
2008-02-29 Algonquin Park Yurt - Snowshoeing and X-Country Skiing
2008-02-08 Eco Lodge - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2008-02-02 Tent-Free Winter Camping at Poker Lake Area
2008-01-25 Bondi Village - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2008-01-18 Beginners Winter Camping at Mew Lake
2008-01-11 Yurting at Pinery Provinical Park
Year: 2007
2007-10-27 McCrae Lake
2007-10-06 Herb Lake to Gun Lake - Flatwater Canoe Trip
2007-09-22 September Mad Dash - White Water Canoe Trip
2007-09-15 Big Gull Lake Canoe/Cottage Weekend
2007-09-01 Noganosh Lake
2007-08-18 Herb Lake to Ronald Lake, Haliburton Highlands
2007-07-14 Flat Water Training at Rockwood Conservation Area
2007-06-30 White Water Canoeing on the Lower Madawaska River
2007-06-09 White Water Canoe Training at Palmer Rapids
2007-06-01 Massassauga Sea Kayak Trip
2007-05-19 Lower Madawaska White Water Canoe Trip
2007-05-04 Algonquin Park - Pen Lake
2007-04-28 Algonquin Park Canoe Trip
2007-04-21 Canoeing the Opeongo and Upper Madawaska Rivers
2007-04-01 Lower Credit River
2007-03-25 16 Mile Creek (a.k.a. Oakville Creek), Oakville
2007-02-16 Silent Lake Yurts - X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing
2007-02-09 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Silver Lake Cottages
2007-02-02 Winter Camping at Algonquin Provincial Park
2007-01-26 X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village
2007-01-12 Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft)
Year: 2006
2006-06-24 Oxtongue River Flatwater Canoe Trip
Year: 2005
2005-11-05 Buzzard Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
 2005-10-01 Horseback Riding with Overnight Campout
2005-06-04 Flatwater Training Trip
2005-02-18 Temagami Hut-to-Hut X-Country Skiing
2005-01-28 Algonquin Peak Hike, Adirondacks, NY
Year: 2004
2004-06-12 White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids
2004-06-05 Sea Kayaking
2004-05-29 Crab Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip
2004-05-06 Adirondacks Camping - Algonquin Peak Hike
2004-03-13 Dog Sledding with Choc Paw into Algonquin
Year: 2002
2002-10-26 Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip - Kearney to Moccasin Lake
Year: 2001
2001-08-20 Algonquin Canoe Trip - Kiosk

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