Wilderness Adventurers of Ontario

A not-for-profit club since 1979.

About the Club

WA Canoe Trip - Chiniguchi (2008)

The Wilderness Adventurers outdoor club was formed more than 40 years ago by a small group of canoeists. The club has since grown and is currently over 150 members strong. Members share a variety of interests including cross-country skiing and backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, cycling, and both flatwater and whitewater canoeing. The congenial nature of the club encourages one to join in, learn new skills, carry on club traditions and, most importantly, the club believes in maintaining our natural heritage for the enjoyment of all.

The Wilderness Adventurers of Ontario is all volunteer based. The club itself does not organize most trips, or own any equipment. Members organize their own trips, which are then listed in "Club Notes" and other email communications that are sent out to all members, and are also listed in the Members' section of our web page. The club provides you with a virtual meeting place and forum to connect with other people to go camping, canoeing, hiking or any other outdoor activity that you would like to organize or participate in.

Club outings are planned and organized by members, with a minimum of formality and expense. All participants on a trip are considered equal peers although trip organizers will answer questions and may assist in arranging car pools. Participants share in the cost of food, transportation, and park or camping fees. Members provide their own equipment, but trip organizers can often assist new members in renting or borrowing essential items.

Our annual meeting is held each year at a location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This is when the club executive committee recaps the year's events for club members and discusses any other topics of interest to club members.  Members at the AGM also elect willing members to the executive. The following executive positions are filled by active members who volunteer a portion of their time for a 2-year term.


Starting in the early spring for those white water paddlers who just can't wait to feel the rush of ice cold water on their faces, and running through to late fall for those lazy summer paddlers who just want to go for a quiet paddle down their favourite lake or stream. Usual destinations are the lakes and rivers of Ontario. Many members have found that through the Wilderness Adventurers they have met others with whom to explore even more remote areas.

Hiking and Camping

Wilderness Adventurers engage in all levels of hiking. There are day hikes, which are leisurely and also ones that are a little more strenuous. There may be weekend hikes or week long backpacking trips. Having so many trails to choose from, there is always an opportunity to see something different. Some of the hikes that have been organized by WA members are backpacking in the Adirondacks, in Frontenac Provincial Park, and also on the La Cloche Range in Killarney. Closer to home, hikes have been on the Credit Valley Trail, the Bruce Trail, and the Rosedale Ravine. The opportunities are endless. Lace up those boots and get on the trails.

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Typical day or weekend getaways might include provincial parks, commercially run resorts and bush trails. Weekend trips often take advantage of commercial accommodations for the comfort of members, although winter camping and members' cottages are other options that may be offered.


Wilderness Adventurers emphasize the need for sound outdoor skills, from basic camping techniques to good environmental etiquette. Educational sessions teach canoeing and kayaking skills. Occasional workshops on map and compass reading, first-aid, star gazing, and trip leading are offered according to member interest. A annual full weekend of teaching whitewater canoeing skills to all levels of canoeists is always popular.

The club is an affiliate member of Ontario Nature. In this capacity the club supports awareness of environmental issues and encourages individual member action.

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