Trip Photo Gallery

Welcome to an archive of WA club trip and social event photos.

Wilderness Adventurers of Ontario is a not-for-profit outdoor club run by volunteers. Most members are from the Greater Toronto Area and nearby communities.

2024Jun 07Palmer Rapids Whitewater Skills Weekend   83
2024May 11Flatwater Training Session, Fairly Lake, Acton   23
2024Apr 07Minesing Wetlands Day Paddle   15
2024Mar 02McCrae Lake Backpacking and Winter Camping   27
2024Feb 24Limberlost - Snowshoeing, Cabin Stay   28
2024Feb 23Bondi - Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing   17
2024Feb 17Winter Camping - Mizzy Lake Trailhead to Potter Creek   93
2024Feb 10Annual General Meeting   8
2024Feb 10AGM Hike at Hilton Falls   8
2024Feb 09Winter Camping - Go Home Lake   16
2024Jan 19Winter Camping, Snowshoeing & Cross-Country Skiing at Silent Lake P.P.   70
2024Jan 12Mew Lake Winter Camping   26
2023Nov 04Backpacking at Frost Centre (Haliburton Highlands Trails System)   38
2023Oct 28Last Canoe Trip of the Year - McCrae Lake   55
2023Oct 19Frontenac Hiking Weekend, Snug Harbour Resort   43
2023Oct 06North Killarney Canoe Trip   24
2023Sep 24HarvestFest at Badenoch   5
2023Sep 16Bike and Camp, Caledon Rail Trail and Tottenham Conservation Campground   5
2023Sep 08Port Bruce Cycling Weekend   14
2023Aug 11Apostles Sea Kayaking Trip   118
2023Jul 15Shoals PP Canoe Trip   113
2023Jun 30Lower Madawaska River WW Training Trip (~70 m3/s)   89
2023Jun 21Killarney - LaCloche Trail Hiking Trip   17
2023Jun 09Palmer Rapid Whitewater Weekend   90 1
2023May 30Bikepacking the Guelph to Goderich Rail Trail   5
2023May 20Crowe River Canoe Trip   29 1
2023May 19Killarney Canoe Trip (George Lake)   15
2023May 13Flatwater Training Session, Fairy Lake, Acton   36
2023Apr 16Minesing Wetlands Day Paddle   73
2023Apr 01Rouge Park Day Hike - Glen Rouge Campground to Beare Hill Peak   14
2023Mar 17Algonquin Winter Camping - Mew Lake   83
2023Feb 23Adirondacks, NY - Winter Camping and Indian Head Hike   46
2023Feb 23Bondi - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   17
2023Feb 17Limberlost Forest Cabin and Snowshoeing   20
2023Feb 17Algonquin Winter Camping - Minnesing Trail to Linda Lake   45
2023Feb 04Halton Regional Forest Day Hike   8
2023Jan 20Silent Lake Winter Camping Trip   31
2023Jan 16Laura Secord Legacy Trail to DeCew, return on Twelve Trail   14
2023Jan 06Mew Lake Winter Camping   22
2022Oct 29McCrae Lake "Last Canoe Trip of the Year"   100
2022Oct 20Hiking in Frontenac Provincial Park - Returning to Snug Harbour Resort Cottages   20
2022Oct 08Georgian Bay Sea Kayaking from Dillon Cove Marina   9
2022Oct 07Restoule - Upper French River Canoe Trip   82
2022Sep 03Creswicke Lake, Massasauga P.P. - Canoeing and Fishing   30
2022Aug 19Hiking in the Adirondack Mountains, NY   132
2022Aug 13Hike hut-to-hut (105 km) in Charlevoix, Quebec   37
2022Aug 07Bowron Lakes Canoe Circuit, B.C.   139
2022Jul 30Palmer Rapids and Lower Madawaska Canoeing   47
2022Jul 22Massasauga PP Canoe Trip - Paddling Practice Trip   55
2022Jun 30Lower Madawaska River WW Canoe Trip   70
2022Jun 17Massasauga PP Canoe Trip   42
2022Jun 10Palmer Rapids WW Training Weekend   116
2022Jun 04Day Paddle to Leslie Spit, Toronto   5
2022May 21Crowe River Canoe Trip   73
2022May 14Flatwater Paddling Skills Day - Fairy Lake, Acton   17
2022May 08Grand River - Cambridge to Paris   22
2022Apr 30Minesing Wetlands (Willow Creek) Day Paddle   94
2022Apr 23Dufferin Quarry Bridge Hike and Chili Social   7
2022Mar 18Intro to Backcountry Winter Camping (Algonquin P.P.)   43
2022Feb 12Hiking the Laura Secord Heritage Trail   5
2022Jan 29Snowshoeing at Mono Cliffs   10
2022Jan 22Bruce Trail Hike - Speyside Section   10
2022Jan 21Winter Camping at Silent Lake P.P.   21
2022Jan 14Algonquin Winter Camping   22
2021Oct 30McCrae Lake Canoe Trip ("Last Trip of the Year")   32
2021Oct 09Kawartha Highlands (Anstruther L) Canoe Trip   21
2021Oct 03Killarney Canoe Trip   56
2021Sep 27Frontenac Hiking and Paddling   36
2021Aug 15Chiniguchi - Donald Lake Loop Canoe Trip   127
2021Jul 24White Otter Lake Kayak Trip   121
2021Mar 2716 Mile Creek WW Day Paddle   18
2021Jan 09Mew Lake Winter Camping   99
2020Oct 31McCrae Lake Canoe Trip ("Last Trip of the Year")   60
2020Sep 28Killarney Camping and Hiking Trip   10
2020Aug 20Big Crow Lake Algonquin PP Canoe Trip   65
2020Jul 30Chiniguchi (Outer Loop) Canoe Trip   76
2020Feb 14Donald Lake Winter Camping   22
2020Feb 12Spectacle Lake X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   8
2020Feb 08McCrae Lake Winter Camping Weekend   62
2020Jan 31Algonquin Peak Hike and Winter Camping, NY   39
2020Jan 24Limberlost Skiing and Snowshoeing   15
2019Nov 08QE11 Wildlands Backpacking Trip   24
2019Oct 26McCrae Lake - Last Trip of the Year - Canoe Trip   58
2019Oct 18Algonquin Hiking Weekend   32
2019Oct 16Vermont Hiking Trip   136
2019Sep 19Council Lake Canoe Trip   9
2019Sep 19Algonquin - Paddle, Hike and Bike   73
2019Aug 16Algonquin PP - Tim River and Rosebary L Canoe trip   19
2019Aug 03Lower Madawaska Whitewater Canoe Trip (Aumond Rapids to Griffith)   64
2019Aug 03Upper French River Kayak Trip   156
2019Jul 26McGreggor Pt. Cycling and Camping Weekend   23
2019Jul 13Massasauga PP - Spider Lake Canoe Trip   15
2019Jul 12Algonquin PP - Booth Lake Canoe Trip   107
2019Jul 05Lake Erie Cycling Weekend (Port Stanley - Port Burwell)   47
2019Jun 22Grand River Day Paddle (Cambridge to Paris)   30
2019Jun 16Toronto Islands Kayaking Day Trip   17
2019Jun 07Palmer Rapids Whitewater Training Weekend   88
2019May 18Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip   25
2019May 17Hiking in the White Mountains   6
2019May 04Minesing Swamp Day Paddle   45
2019May 03Killarney Backpacking Trip (La Cloche Trail / The Crack)   66
2019Apr 26McCrae Lake Canoe Trip   19
2019Apr 0716 Mile Creek Day Paddle (Oakville)   17
2019Mar 24Credit River Day Paddle (Mississauga)   11
2019Feb 22Bondi Village Snowshoeing and Skiing   40
2019Feb 15Winter Camping on Kukagami Lake   98
2019Feb 14Skiing Weekend, Bancroft   9
2019Feb 09McCrae Lake Quinzhee Winter Camping   27
 2019Feb 08Ottawa Winterlude Skating Weekend   37
2019Feb 01Torrance Barrens Winter Camping   20
2019Jan 05Algonquin Winter Camping, Mew Lake   58
2018Nov 10Frontenac PP Slide Lake Loop Backpacking Trip   123
2018Oct 27McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip "Last Trip of the Year"   65
2018Sep 19Wolf Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   42
2018Aug 31Palmer Rapids and Madawska River Canoeing   64
2018Aug 24McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   30
2018Aug 16Algonquin P.P. (Kiosk - Mink - Little Cauchon)   90
2018Jun 09White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids   143
2018May 25Sea Kayaking - Cathcart Is, Georgian Bay   9
2018May 19Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip   37
2018May 12Elmira Rail Trail Day Cycle (Kissing Bridge Trailway)   23
2018May 0516 Mile Creek WW Day Paddle   24
2018May 03Hiking Weekend (Lion's Head)   15
2018Apr 22Lower Credit River WW Day Paddle   10
2018Feb 23Bondi Snowshoeing Weekend   43
2018Feb 16Killarney Winter Camping and Silver Peak Hike   40
2018Feb 10McCrae Lake Winter Camping   39
2018Feb 08Kukagami Lake X-Country Skiing   8
2018Jan 26Iroquois Peak (4840') Boundary Peak (4829') and Algonquin Peak (5114') - 22 km 4300' Elevation Gain   48
2018Jan 22Limberlost X-Country Skiing   10
2017Oct 28McCrae Lake Flatwater - Last Trip of the Year - Canoe Trip   95
2017Sep 20Chiniguchi Flatwater Canoe Trip   41
2017Sep 02Palmer Rapids - Madawaska River WW Weekend   28 1
2017Aug 26Cox Lake, Kawartha Highlands Canoe and Fishing Trip   27
2017Aug 05Lower Madawaska River Whitewater Training Trip   82
2017Jul 28Tim River Flatwater Canoe Trip   37
2017Jun 09White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids   200
2017May 20Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip   53
2017May 19Killarney Canoe Trip - Bell Lake   51
2017May 18Hiking in White Mountains based in N. Conway Area   13
2017May 14Flatwater Canoe Training Session - Wilcox Lake   9
2017Apr 22Turtle Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   8
2017Apr 14Minesing Swamp Day Paddle   69
2017Apr 09Lower Credit River (PineCliff Park to Erindale Park)   21
2017Apr 02Sixteen Mile Creek Whitewater Day Paddle   26
2017Mar 10Phelps Mountain Hike, Adirondacks, NY (4161', Ascent 2010')   28
2017Feb 24Bondi Village Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   45
2017Feb 18Killarney Winter Camping   26
2017Feb 04McCrae Lake Winter Camping   29
2016Oct 22McCrae Lake "Last Trip of the Year" Canoe Trip   42
2016Oct 08Herb and Gun Lakes Flatwater Canoe Trip   50
2016Sep 21Dunlop Lake Loop Flatwater Canoe Trip   57
2016Sep 17Maitland Trail Hike - Goderich to Auburn   10
2016Sep 02Algonquin PP - Barron Canyon Canoe Trip   37
2016Sep 02Palmer Rapids and Lower Madawaska R Whitewater Practice Weekend   30
2016Aug 27Jordan Harbour Day Paddle (Canoes and Kayaks)   12
2016Aug 20Fishog Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip in QE II Wildlands   24
2016Aug 12Sea Kayak Skills Weekend on Georgian Bay   41
2016Jul 15Massasauga PP - Wreck Is. Sea Kayak Trip   35
2016Jul 09Lower Madawaska River White Water Training Trip   64
 2016Jul 08Tim River Flatwater Canoe Trip   31
2016Jul 01Magnetawan River Whitewater Canoe Trip   44
2016Jun 11Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmer Rapids   69
2016Jun 04Beaver River Day Paddle - Kimberley to Heathcote   47
2016May 27Lally Island Georgian Bay Sea Kayaking   62
2016May 21Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip   65
2016May 20Prequile PP Cycling Weekend   17
2016May 15Flatwater Skills and Spring BBQ at Kelso Conservation Area   13
2016May 07Opeongo and Upper Madawska Rivers Whitewater Paddles   39
2016May 06Algonquin - Canoe L to Burnt Is L to Tom Thomson L via Sunbeam L   28
2016Apr 30Minesing Wetlands Day Paddle   52
2016Apr 23Turtle and Big Hungry Lakes   52
2016Apr 1716 Mile Creek Whitewater Day Paddle - Low Water Conditions   26
2016Mar 2716 Mile Creek Whitewater Day Paddle   16
2016Feb 26Bondi X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   83
2016Feb 20McCrae Lake Winter Camping   44
2016Feb 12Backcountry Skiing - Sault Ste. Marie Area   56
2016Jan 31Wolf's Den X-Country Skiing   27
2016Jan 29Mt. Colden Hike, Adirondack High Peaks Area   52
2015Oct 24McCrae Lake Fatwater Canoe Trip ("Last Trip of the Year")   28
2015Oct 10Nunikani Thanksgiving Flatwater Canoe Trip   29
2015Oct 02Algonquin - Rock Lake and Centennial Ridge Hike   19
2015Sep 25Big Hungry Lake Flatwaer Canoe Trip   69
2015Sep 25Rock Lake, Algonquin P.P. Canoe and Hiking Trip   112
2015Sep 24Algonquin - Barron Canyon   60
2015Sep 18Long Sault Parkway Cycling - MacLaren Campground   13
2015Sep 17Killarney P.P. - Blue Mountain Lodge   50
2015Aug 21Sea Kayaking Skills Weekend - Snug Harbour to Franklin Island   40
2015Aug 12Algonquin - North Tea-Manitou-Kiosk   106
2015Aug 01Lower Madawaska River White Water Training Trip   166
2015Jun 19Cycling - St. Marys Area   10
2015Jun 12Massasauga P.P. Flatwater Canoe Trip - Spider Lake   19
2015Jun 06Palmer Rapids White Water Weekend   134
2015May 29Sea Kayaking Trip - Dillon to Shawanaga Is   25
2015May 24Annual Spring Picnic and Skills Sessions   16
2015May 16Crowe River Whitewater Canoe Trip   19
2015May 16Killarney Flatwater Canoe Trip - George to OSA   57
2015May 16Killarney Flatwarer Canoe Trip - Carlyle to David   79
2015May 02Minesing Wetlands Day Paddle   66
2015Apr 30Hiking the Bruce Trail in Niagara Peninsula   55
2015Apr 26Short Hills Prov. Park Day Hike   15
2015Apr 19Credit River Day Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)   17
2015Apr 12Credit River Day Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)   16
2015Apr 11Second Annual Spring Tune-Up: Seminars and Slideshows   25
2015Feb 27Bondi - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   42
2015Feb 21McCrae Lake Winter Camping   76
2015Feb 01Cross-Country Skiing, Algonquin Trails - Wolf's Den   20
2015Jan 30Giant Mountain Hike, Keene Valley NY   86
2015Jan 29Limberlost X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   37
2015Jan 15Voyageur Quest Lodge and X-Country Skiing   50
2014Oct 25McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   87
2014Oct 11Flatwater Canoe Trip - St. Nora Lake, Leslie Frost   0
2014Sep 27Flatwater Canoe Trip to Spider Lake, Massasauga   47
2014Sep 26Flatwater Canoe Trip to Boleau Lake   93
2014Sep 13HarvestFest Corn Roast and BBQ   11
2014Aug 30Flatwater Canoe Trip to Noganosh   26
2014Aug 22Lake Galeairy Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip   57
2014Aug 09Sea Kayak Trip to Georgian Bay, Massasauga PP   24
2014Jul 25Warsaw Caves Camping and Cycling   7
2014Jul 05Sea Kayak Skills Review at Guelph Lake   44
2014Jun 28Burnt Island Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip   68
2014Jun 14Grand River Day Paddle - Cambridge to Paris   26
2014Jun 07Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmers Rapids, Madawaska R   236
2014May 30Sea Kayak Trip at the McCoys   34
2014May 25Flatwater Skills and Spring BBQ at Kelso Conservation Area   19
2014May 10Lower Credit River Whitewater Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)   15
2014Apr 27Beaver River (Grey County) Flatwater Paddle   93
2014Apr 12First Annual Spring Tune-Up: Seminars and Slideshows   23
2014Feb 21Bondi and Limberlost Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   33
2014Feb 08McCrae Lake Winter Camping and Quinzhee Building   43
2014Jan 31Mt Colden, Adirondacks, NY Hike 4714 ft (1437 m)   113
2014Jan 24Limberlost X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   53
2014Jan 20Wolf's Den / Algonquin Park X-Country Skiing   49
2014Jan 17Silent Lake Yurts X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   25
2014Jan 09Voyageur Quest X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   50
2013Dec 07Christmas Party   21
2013Oct 18Hiking in Frontenac Provincial Park   43
2013Oct 12St Nora Lake, Haliburton Highlands - Thanksgiving Weekend Canoe Trip   22
2013Oct 11Hiking in the Adrondacks NY   15
2013Sep 28Cycling from Frontenac House to Niagara Falls and Back   21
2013Sep 26Woodland Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   178
2013Sep 14HarvestFest Corn Roast and BBQ   40
2013Sep 07Flatwater Canoe Trip - Clydegale, Algonquin PP   23
2013Aug 29Labour Day Weekend Flatwater Canoe Trip   17
2013Aug 19Flatwater Canoe Trip - North section of Killarney P.P.   47
2013Aug 09Algonquin Park - North Tea Lake   22
2013Jul 13Gun Lake via Herb Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   16
2013Jul 13Port Dover Cottage - Cycling to Long Point   26
2013Jul 13Flatwater Canoe Trip - Temagami including Lady Evelyn and Florence L.   79
2013Jun 29Lower Madawaska River - Aumonds Rapids to Griffith   188
2013Jun 29North Tea Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   39
2013Jun 29Tour des Kawarthas Flatwater Canoe Trip   20
2013Jun 15Sea Kayak Day Paddle at Toronto's Leslie Spit   21
2013Jun 08Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmer Rapids   231
2013May 24Sea Kayaking - Dillon to Franklin Island   35
2013May 18Crowe River WW Canoe Trip - Gut Conservation Area to Cordova Mines   59 1
2013May 18Masassauga Flatwater Canoe Trip   62
2013May 11Flatwater Canoeing Training Session at Kelso   6
2013May 11Spring Picnic at Kelso Conservation Area   13
2013May 09Hiking the Bruce Trail on the Bruce Peninsula near Lion's Head   12
2013Apr 14Sixteen Mile Creek, Oakville - Lower Base Line to Dundas St.   17
2013Mar 16Lower Credit River WW Paddle - Streetsville to Erindale   11
2013Feb 22X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village   72
2013Feb 02Quinzhee Building and Winter Camping - McCrae Lake   66
2013Jan 25Limberlost X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   111
2013Jan 18Beginner Backcountry Winter Camping - Algonquin P.P.   33
2013Jan 18Cloverleaf Cottages and Algonquin Snowshoeing Weekend   14
2013Jan 11Algonquin Eco Lodge x-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   38
2013Jan 11Lean-To Winter Camping and Mt Marcy Hike   68
2012Dec 08Christmas Party Social   40
2012Oct 27McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   118
2012Oct 06Thanksgiving Weekend Canoe Trip - Nunikani Lake   103
2012Sep 21Island Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   119
2012Sep 15Fall HarvestFest Club Social   41
2012Sep 08Algonquin P.P. Canoe Trip - Rock and Pen Lakes   32
2012Sep 08Cycling in Niagara Area   23
2012Sep 01Noganosh Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   28
2012Aug 31Lower French Water Canoe Trip   119
2012Aug 18Massasauga P.P. Flatwater Canoe Trip - Creswick Lake   63
2012Aug 03Chinguchi Flatwater Canoe Trip - Outer Loop   86
2012Jul 21Quetico Flatwater Canoe Trip   200
2012Jul 14Gun Lake, Haliburton Highlands (Leslie Frost)   88
2012Jun 30Whitewater Trip, Lower Madawaska River   135 1
2012Jun 30Big Porcupine Lake, Algonquin P.P.   24
2012Jun 15Cycling From Ferris Provincial Park   25
2012Jun 09Whitewater Skills Weekend at Palmer Rapids   135
2012May 25Sea Kayaking - Dillon to McCoy Islands   73
2012May 19Killarney Flatwater Canoe Trip and Silver Peak Hike   10
2012May 19Niagara-On-The-Lake to Niagara Falls Cycling Day Trip   22
2012May 12Spring Flatwater Canoe Session and Picnic at Kelso   38
2012May 04Bruce Peninsula Hiking Trip   16
2012Mar 03Backcountry Winter Camping, Sunday Lake, Algonquin P.P.   47
2012Feb 24X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village   136
2012Feb 03X-Country Ski Weekend - Wakefield, Quebec   9
2012Jan 27Camping and Hiking - Algonquin Peak, Adirondacks, NY   65
2012Jan 27Limberlost Lodge X-Country Ski Weekend   89
2012Jan 20Beginner Backcountry Winter Camping - Algonquin P.P.   61
2012Jan 20Snowshoeing Weekend - Oxtongue Lake and Algonquin   45
2012Jan 13Smoothwater Wilderness Lodge, Temagami   45
2011Oct 29McCrae Lake - "Last Trip of the Year"   208
2011Oct 08Haliburton Highlands Water Trails Flatwater Canoe Trip   156
2011Sep 29Flatwater Canoe Trip - Hogan Lake, Algonquin P.P.   49
2011Sep 23Island Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   88
2011Sep 17Annual HarvestFest BBQ and Corn Roast   40
2011Sep 09Bayfield Cycling Trip   13
2011Sep 03Labour Day Weekend Canoe Trip at Noganosh Area   110
2011Aug 12Chiniguchi - Marjorie Lake Loop via Wolf Lake   65
2011Aug 06Temagami Flatwater Canoe Trip   308
2011Jul 30Whitewater Training Trip, Lower Madawaska River   78
2011Jul 15Camping at Presqu'ile P.P. and Cycling in Area   23
2011Jul 09Killarney P.P. - George Lake to North End and Back   244
2011Jul 02Nunikami Flatwater Canoe Trip   104
2011Jul 01Magnetawan River Whitewater Canoe Trip   73
2011Jun 11Whitewater Training at Palmer Rapids, Madawaska River   172
2011Jun 04Saugeen River Canoe Trip - Walkerton to Southampton   65
2011May 27Sea Kayaking to Franklin Is from Snug Harbour   75
2011May 21Sittingman Lake via Tim River, Algonquin P.P.   88
2011Feb 26X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village   62
2011Feb 11Yurting and Cross Country Skiing at Silent Lake P.P.   72
2011Feb 05Winter Camping in a Quinzhee at McCrae Lake   65
2011Jan 29X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing at Limberlost   40
2011Jan 28Camping and Hiking - Algonquin Peak, Adirondacks, NY   88
2011Jan 22Beginner Winter Camping at Mew Lake, Algonquin   28
2010Oct 23McCrae Lake Canoe Trip ~Last Trip of the Year~   74
2010Oct 09Massasauga P.P.Flatwater Canoe Trip - Spider Lake   50
2010Oct 01Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip - Ragged Lake   43
2010Sep 25Haliburton Highlands - Big East Lake   34
2010Sep 24Algonquin Park - Burnt Island Lake   94
2010Sep 11Prince Edward County Cycling   16
2010Sep 04Noganosh Lake Labour Day Weekend Canoe Trip   50
2010Aug 14Algonquin Park - Nipissing Loop   58
2010Jul 16Lady Evelyn from Mowat Landing   134
2010Jul 10Killarney Loop from Bell Lake Access   72
2010Jul 01Massasauga P.P. - Spider Lake and Georgian Bay Sites   39
2010Jul 01WW Training Trip - Lower Madawaska River   32
2010Jun 19White Water Training at Palmer Rapids, Madawaska River   140
2010Jun 05Beaver River - Kimberley to Heathcote   40
2010May 29Franklin Island from Snug Harbour   95
2010May 22Petawawa River - Lake Travers to McManus Lake   105
2010May 15Flatwater Canoe Training Session and Picnic, Kelso   25
2010May 07Hiking Weekend - Limberlost / Buck Lake   15
2010May 01Lion's Head - Bruce Trail Hiking, Bruce Peninsula   54
2010Apr 30Cache to Head Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park   97
2010Apr 24Hiking Weekend in Haliburton   15
2010Mar 27Basic Wilderness First-Aid Course   20
2010Mar 2116 Mile Creek Day Paddle   25
2010Mar 20Credit River Day Paddle (Streetsville to Erindale Park)   10
2010Mar 06McCrae Lake Winter Camping   68
2010Feb 26Bondi Village X-Country Skiing   65
2010Feb 20Beaver Valley Skiing and Snowshoeing   23
2010Feb 19Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft) Hike   34
2010Feb 06Quinzhee Building at McCrae Lake   45
2010Jan 29Winter Camping at Mew Lake, Algonquin Prov. Park   60
2010Jan 22X-Country Skiing and Yurting at Silent Lake P.P.   40
2010Jan 15X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing at Kukagami Ski-In Lodge   62
2009Oct 24McCrae Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   65
2009Oct 23Beaver Valley and Bruce Trail Cottage-Based Hiking Trip   70
2009Oct 03Lower Madawaska Whitewater, Aumonds Rapids to Griffith   40
2009Sep 25Algonquin Park Flatwater Trip   24
2009Sep 25Scorch Lake, Algonquin Park Flatwater Trip   73
2009Sep 04Noganosh Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   42
2009Aug 15Algonquin Park - Big Lakes Canoe Trip   78
2009Aug 14Barron Canyon in Algonquin P.P. Flatwater Canoe Trip   103
2009Jul 31Chiniguchi Waterway Flatwater Canoe Trip   272
2009Jul 11French River from French River Trading Post   35
2009Jul 03Killarney - Murray-Nellie-Grace (Hwy #6 Put-In)   54
2009Jun 20Day Paddle on the Grand River (Cambridge to Paris)   22
2009Jun 13White Water Training at Palmer Rapids, Madawaska River   176
2009Jun 06Humber River Paddle - Hwy #7 to Finch   20
2009May 30Sea Kayaking - Bayfield Inlet to Francis Island   77
2009May 24Flatwater Paddling Training and Picnic at Kelso   37
2009May 16Killarney Provincial Park Flatwater Paddle   50
2009Apr 18Upper Credit River Day Paddle   18
2009Apr 10Oakville (16 Mile) Creek Day Paddle   29
2009Apr 05Lower Credit River Day Paddle   19
2009Feb 27Bondi Village X-Country Ski Weekend   59
2009Feb 14Overnight Dog Sledding Weekend with ChocPaw   10
2009Feb 06Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft), Adirondacks, NY   21
2009Jan 31Winter Camping For Beginners at Algonquin (Mew Lake)   73
2009Jan 24MacGregor Point Provincial Park Winter Yurt Trip   22
2009Jan 16X-Country Skiing at Kukagami Lodge   38
2008Oct 11Leslie Frost - Herb Lake to Gun Lake Canoe Trip   93
2008Sep 26Kingscote to Scorch Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   123
2008Sep 20Lower Madawaska River White Water Canoe Trip   60
2008Aug 30Noganosh Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   82
2008Aug 22Flatwater Canoe Trip to Cox Lake, Kawartha Highlands   51
2008Aug 12LaVerendrye, Quebec - Flatwater Canoeing   26
2008Aug 02Family Flatwater Canoe Trip - Leslie Frost Area   14
2008Aug 01Chiniguchi Waterway Flatwater Canoe Trip   194
2008Jun 28Magnetawan River - Wahwashkesh to Hwy 69   111
2008Jun 14Grand River - Cambridge to Paris   33
2008Jun 07White Water Training Weekend - Sneak Preview   45
2008Jun 07White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids   1241
2008May 30Sea Kayaking, Bayfield Inlet, Georgian Bay   58
2008May 17Petewawa River, Algonquin Prov. Park - White Water Canoe Trip   35
2008Apr 26Canoeing the Opeongo and Upper Madawaska Rivers   51
2008Apr 12Lower Credit River - Streetsville to Dundas St   14
2008Apr 0516 Mile Creek Day Paddle, Oakville ON   42
2008Mar 28Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft), Adirondacks, NY   49
2008Feb 29Algonquin Park Yurt - Snowshoeing and X-Country Skiing   38
2008Feb 08Eco Lodge - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   54
2008Feb 02Tent-Free Winter Camping at Poker Lake Area   30
2008Jan 25Bondi Village - Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   58
2008Jan 18Beginners Winter Camping at Mew Lake   75
2008Jan 11Yurting at Pinery Provinical Park   18
2007Oct 27McCrae Lake   40
2007Oct 06Herb Lake to Gun Lake - Flatwater Canoe Trip   75
2007Sep 22September Mad Dash - White Water Canoe Trip   47
2007Sep 15Big Gull Lake Canoe/Cottage Weekend   27
2007Sep 01Noganosh Lake   83
2007Aug 18Herb Lake to Ronald Lake, Haliburton Highlands   43
2007Jul 14Flat Water Training at Rockwood Conservation Area   6
2007Jun 30White Water Canoeing on the Lower Madawaska River   78
2007Jun 09White Water Canoe Training at Palmer Rapids   664
2007Jun 01Massassauga Sea Kayak Trip   35
2007May 19Lower Madawaska White Water Canoe Trip   45
2007May 04Algonquin Park - Pen Lake   56
2007Apr 28Algonquin Park Canoe Trip   77
2007Apr 21Canoeing the Opeongo and Upper Madawaska Rivers   50
2007Apr 01Lower Credit River   30
2007Mar 2516 Mile Creek (a.k.a. Oakville Creek), Oakville   44
2007Feb 16Silent Lake Yurts - X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing   16
2007Feb 09X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Silver Lake Cottages   43
2007Feb 02Winter Camping at Algonquin Provincial Park   52
2007Jan 26X-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing from Bondi Village   96
2007Jan 12Algonquin Peak Summit (5114 ft)   51
2006Jun 24Oxtongue River Flatwater Canoe Trip   27
2005Nov 05Buzzard Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   25
 2005Oct 01Horseback Riding with Overnight Campout   65
2005Jun 04Flatwater Training Trip   11
2005Feb 18Temagami Hut-to-Hut X-Country Skiing   58
2005Jan 28Algonquin Peak Hike, Adirondacks, NY   18
2004Jun 12White Water Training Weekend at Palmer Rapids   663
2004Jun 05Sea Kayaking   20
2004May 29Crab Lake Flatwater Canoe Trip   12
2004May 06Adirondacks Camping - Algonquin Peak Hike   62
2004Mar 13Dog Sledding with Choc Paw into Algonquin   121
2002Oct 26Algonquin Flatwater Canoe Trip - Kearney to Moccasin Lake   21
2001Aug 20Algonquin Canoe Trip - Kiosk   18

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